Oh Shit is a sex education mobile site that focuses on providing age-relevant and contextually appropriate sex education information to teens in the moment they need it most.


Sex education in school focuses on prevention, but doesn’t tell teens what to do if prevention fails. This defines the “Oh shit! moment.” Teens search for information as it becomes applicable to their lives, and want to be able to access it easily. Rather than having teens look to unreliable information sources on the Internet, this concept proposes an application that provides information to teens directly in a non-biased and approachable way.

One out of three teen girls in the United States will be pregnant before they turn eighteen [1], and everyday 10,000 American teens will get a sexually transmitted disease [2]. While many teenagers in the United States receive basic sex education before they graduate high school, there is a clear gap between the information they need and the information they are getting in school [3]. Oh Shit! will address this discrepancy with timely information presented in a clear, approachable, and trustworthy manner.

A working site that is being built in progress can be found at www.ohshit.info through your mobile phone

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This project began in September 2012 when researching the question, “how do teens ages 15 – 18 get information about sex?” Through speaking with teens, a gap was identified between the sex education they receive and the information that they need to make informed decisions. They mentioned that sex education provided in school was repetitive, irrelevant, and only focuses on prevention. So where do they go for answers when they’re not getting the information they need?

Through interviews with teens and sex education experts, it was discovered that teens look to unreliable information sources when their education falls short.

Given the high teen pregnancy and STD rates in the U.S., there is a great need for a supplemental information source for teens that is relevant, approachable, and reliable.


Every year teen pregnancies cost U.S. taxpayers 9 billion dollars, and every single day 2,400 more teen girls become pregnant. By providing an easily accessible and relevant information source for teens, Oh Shit! will help reduce the amount of misinformation they are getting about sex, empower teens to make informed decisions, and promote a culture open to the discussion of these issues. Oh Shit! adds value because it will help lower the currently overwhelming rate of unplanned teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.


Kim Lewis
Tad Hirsch (advisor)


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