messagingtests_240x240Pivot: Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud or coercion to compel a person into any form of labor against their will. It can occur in any industry, including agriculture, construction, domestic service, restaurants, salons, commercial sex work, massage parlors, and small businesses, and does not necessarily involve transportation, despite its name. In collaboration with members of Washington’s anti-human trafficking community, the Studio is developing Pivot, a project to help trafficked individual connect with support services. more >

Intangible Effects: Earlier this year Seattle City Council approved a plan to demolish Yesler Terrace—Washington State’s first public housing development, and the first racially integrated public housing development in the United States. This controversial plan necessitates the displacement of Yesler Terrace’s approximately 1200 residents. In response, we’ve developed a project called Intangible Effects (No.1), an civic engagement project and interactive sound installation to document the neighborhood in the moments before its radical transformation.  more >

dfuDesign for Us: A Toolkit for Community-Driven Design: Design for Us is a toolkit that offers strategies and methods to graphic designers interested in community advocacy. Using a workshop model, graphic designers and community members work together through a series of activities to address issues of concern with visual communication design. It provides insights into planning the workshop, interacting with stakeholders, topic exploration, and follow-up. more >

osthmbOh Sh*t!: This project aims to provide age-relevant and contextually appropriate sex-education information to teens. One out of three teen girls in the United States will be pregnant before they turn eighteen, and everyday 10,000 American teens will get a sexually transmitted disease. While many teenagers in the United States receive basic sex education before they graduate high school, there is a clear gap between the information they need and the information they are getting in school. Oh Sh*t! will address this discrepancy with timely information presented in a clear, approachable, and trustworthy manner. more >

mono_thmbMonologger: This project seeks to improve doctor-patient communication by providing visual feedback to doctors about their communication styles. By visualizing conversations between doctors and patients, we enable physicians to identify patterns and gain insight into how they talk to patients. Our goal is to enhance doctor education, and ultimately, to improve patient outcomes. more >